Mittwoch, 5. April 2017
170401 - 08 sailing Croatia
Week 1
Rhiannon, Caro, Max, Stefano and I on a Dufour 350. The three Hogarths are staying for two weeks. Farinas are making space for Annalena and Daniel at the weekend.

We are enjoying everything from an afternoon and evening tied up at the harbour wall in Hvar to lonely bays on uninhabited islands; glass flat seas to 30 knot gusts out at sea.

What I absolutely love about sailing is waking up not knowing where you will be in the evening. You know the direction and you know you will have your "home" with, but you don't know what the day will hold or where you will be sleeping. On one day, we started anchored off a village on an island and now we are backed on to the main harbour wall in the middle of a medieval town. A day later we finished the day anchored in a tiny cove surrounded by forest and nature.

At the end of our week together, we did a night sail to the mainland to meet Annalena and Daniel.

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on day 4 I restarted my plotter and lost part of the data
- (part 1 of the day)
- (part 2 of the day)
- (the whole day from Max but with lower resolution so you can not see the heart that Rhiannon salied and which is shown in my part 2 track)

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