Freitag, 21. Juli 2017
170720 Senkele
thursday evening tour planned by Wera. Wera, Gisela, Karin K., Moni JS, Jon and I.

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Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017
170716 Tarscher Trail
Second day in Vinschgau. Wera had a plan but the cable car only took bukes up before nine or after three o'clock so we needed a new plan.

Decided on the Tarscher Trail. All the up hill was with a chair lift and then an S1-S2 grade trail back downhill.

5km and no uphill climbing. Track is at

Pictures from Gremml at

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Samstag, 15. Juli 2017
170715 Holy Hansen Trail
On Friday night the weather forecast was rain, wet and snow so I drove to Vinschgau to go trailing with Wera, Heidi and Gremml.

Today we did the Holy Hansen trail and the the Aigen Trail. Lots of great trailing, super weather and great fun.

28km and 1343 meters of climbing. Track is at

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170713 Stuibental
Wera was with Heidi in Vinschgau so Bettina and I joined Group One. Paulina is 8 monthe pregnant and still faster uphill than me. The two grandmothers as well.

24km and 770 meters of uphill. Track is at

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Freitag, 7. Juli 2017
170706 Schnitzlertal
Wera and Gremml, Bettina and I.
It was very hot when we left but once the sun went down and we were in the trees, it was pleasant.

Stopped off at the Sorg Alp on the way home for a beer and a few "schnapps". There we met all the others from the other two groups who had also stopped for a drink.

41km with 889 meters of climbing.

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Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2017
170704 Füssen
Tuesday evening and the three of us went cycling. Jon had already decided on the Hopfensee - Füssen - Vils tour so we did that at a relatively gentle pace.

On the way home Heidi suggested swimming. Jon and I stripped off and jumped in while Heidi talked to her vet.

45km and 472 meters of climbing.

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Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017
170702 Reuttewanne
Between the rain today there was a dry spell so we headed off up the Reuttewanne. Unfortunately I was "on duty" today and received an alert on my mobile phone so had to return home to fix it. Just as we got home, it began to rain again.

14km and 505 meters of climbing.

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Freitag, 30. Juni 2017
170629 Herzer Hütte
It was Thursday evening but it was raining a bit during the day so one after another everyone wrote "I'm not coming." In the end it was Heidi, Wera and I. We waited half an hour until it was dry and then cycled up to the Herzer Hütte and down the Bayerstetten trail.

Only 13km and 558 meters of climbing but better than sitting at home.

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Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2017
170627 Marktoberdorf
Jon was very definite this evening. "Flat tour to Marktoberdorf." It is not actually that flat but I suppose he meant "No mountains!"

Just over 50 km and including a swim in the last lake we passed before getting home. There are worse ways to spend an evening.

And then red wine and Baileys.

54km with 654 meters of climbing. Track is at

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Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017
170624 Hirschalp
A Saturday tour designed by Wera - get out of car and cycle 700 meters up hill followed by fantastic trails.

Four of us sweated up the hills and then had just as high pulses trailing back down.

1035 meters of climbing in only 21km. Track is at

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Freitag, 23. Juni 2017
170622 Bärenmoos
Thursday evening. Bettina, Wera and I cycled up to Bärenmoos for a beer. Bettina had to go straight home so Wera and I trailed the footpath in to Vilstal :-)

Then across to the Kögelweiher for a swim at dusk.

34km and 712 meters of climbing. Track is at

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Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017
170620 Jochpass
Tonight was Tuesday so we went out for a race bike ride. Jon had just spent two weeks in England enjoying English food and beer while Heidi and I had just cycled 1000km. Poor Jon!

It took us exactly 3 hours and I had an average pulse of 113bpm. Being fit is fun.

59km and 1011 meters of climbing. Track is at

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Montag, 19. Juni 2017
170612 Lago Maggiore
We were cycling from Nesselwang to Monaco - - and took a day off in Ascona to do some sailing on Lake Maggiore. We rented a Sun Odyssey 30.

The track is at although I forgot to turn the GPS on for the first hour.

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170608-11 Monaco
This years "let's do a bit of biking" tour was to Monaco.

We cycled over the mountains to Liechtenstein, on over the Alps to Lake Como and then on past Lake Lugano to Lake Maggiore where we had a day off and went sailing -

Rested, we continued on to a meeting with coffee in Turin and then over the Mediterranean Alps in to France and on to Monaco.

The whole holiday we cycled a little over 1000 kilometres and climbed more than 15000 meters.

The entire route from Nesselwang to Monaco is shown at From Monaco to Nice is at and from Munich Airport home is at

Some photos at

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Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017
170603 Grüntensee
Sun today and rain forecast for tomorrow so I took the chance to do a quick ride while it was still nice.

20km and 260 meters of climbing. Track is at

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Freitag, 2. Juni 2017
170601 Stechele
Thursday evening and the ladies from Group 2 told me that they wanted a fun easy tour so I was to go with Group 1.

43km with 766 meters of climbing in 2 hours 40. My average pulse was 132bpm. Just to add to the fun Inge added two climbs to the Rückholzer Steig just to get a few extra meters of climbing in. Track is at

At least I proved I am not unfit :-)

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