Samstag, 13. Juli 2019
190712 Hooiberg
Cycled to the hill and then walked up the nearly 600 steps - twice, because Heidi said we needed the training.

Track is at but it failed to work on the hill so you don't see us going up and down, up and down

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190710 Arikok National Park
From the boat and across the island. Then up the second highest mountain on the island. Ice cream parlor and then back.

The part up to the ice cream is at

Total distance was 50km with >600 meters of climbing.

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190617 Curacao
Cycled from the boat via Willemstad to Jill and Joop's for the night. Next day out with Joop and then cycled back to the boat.

Tracks at 24 275 36 200 9 56

A total of 70 km with 530 meters of climbing.

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