Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017
171221 La Graciosa.
Today is the winter solstice but I was out cycling in shorts and a T-shirt. You just need to be far enough south. Yesterday we arrived by sailing boat at the Island of La Graciosa (,_Canary_Islands ) and today Shane and I hired some bikes and went for a ride round the island and a walk up the dormant volcano of Montana Bermeja.

More about the day at

Our Track is at

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171218 Agadir to Caleta del Sabo
After nine days of waiting, the winds and the swell in the Atlantic finally reduced and we crossed over from Morocco to the island of La Graciosa in two days. Debbie was ill so it was just Shane and I doing watch alternately. Tiring but fun.

227 nautical miles. The complete track is at

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171213 Marakesch
Stuck in Agadir waiting for Atlantic storms to abate so took a trip to Marakesch.

A bit more about my trip at

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171205 Ayamonte to Agadir
The first stage in a sailing trip to the Canary Islands. The trip across the Straits of Gibraltar was like being in a washing machine. The sail down the African coast a little more relaxed. 100 hours in total.

A little more about the trip at

480 nautical miles. The complete track is at

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