Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015
150631 Roßbergalpe
Cycled up to the Roßbergalpe for Sunday lunch. Obviously all the race biking has paid off as I rode almost the whole way without needing my small cog at the front.

Spent a relaxing few hours listening to the locals discussing farming. There was, of course, a none stop supply of food and drink. Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The photo is of the Metze Berg. A song about the lady who ran this Alp is on Youtube at

39km and 818 meters of climbing. Track at

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150630 Ellegg
An afternoon MTB tour round the Grüntensee taking in the Ellegg with its stunning views in to Tannheimertal.

24km and 508 meters of climbing. Track is at

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