Montag, 18. Mai 2015
150508-15 Rome
This year Heidi and I took our Frenchie bikes out for a new expedition. After Munich (2012), Milan (2013) and Poland (2014), this years trip was from Nesselwang to Rome.

We left on Friday afternoon after leaving work early and we arrived the following Friday afternoon. The trip was a little over 1050 kilometers and we climbed just under 10000 meters!

Day 1 - Nesselwang to Landeck.

We left on Friday afternoon to get over the Fernpass and thus avoid having two passes on one day - Fern & Reschen. It was a good plan that worked well and took us to Landek at the foot of the Reschenpass.

Day 2 - to Branzoll

From Landeck we cycled all the way up to the top of the pass at Reschen - and then (because it was all such fun) just carried on and on. We eventually stopped after 175km with about 1500 meters of climbing. The furthest I have ever cycled and that over the Alps.

At the Austrian-Swis border we met a guy on his way to Africa ( ). A little later another swiss person cycling to Istanbul. A few days later a cyclist about to set off for Iceland. There are lots of people out there having fun.

Day 3 - to Relais San Michele

A whole day of cycling down hill. Except for the last bit which was over a hill with 10% climbs. A lot of the day next to a canal that carries water to Verona.

Day 4 - to Bologna

All day across the Po Valley. Flat with great views from the dykes.

Day 5 - to Florence

Mountains. Passes and steep hills. All topped off with the descent down the "Devil's Pass".

Day 6 - to Monte San Savino

A "rest day". Started late and visited Florence before setting off at midday. Another day of hills. A hotel in a dream town on a hilltop.

Day 7 - to Attigliano (also includes Day 8

Through the Italian countryside. Including a diversion to an amazing town atop a mountain.

Day 8 - to Rome
Track is part of the link under Day 7

"Only 100km" but with nearly 2000 meters of climbing. A hard day but finally we reached our destination.

1053km with 9944 meters of climbing

Photos are at

Google created a picture story of the whole trip which you can see at

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